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As I mentioned in my post from a few months ago, I had received the temporary fix in the form of the nylon screws and nuts from NZXT. At that point in time, NZXT’s customer support was not able to tell me when to expect the “real” fix, namely the updated PCIe riser.

I ended up contacting them again towards the end of July to see what the status was and apparently, my request had somehow fallen through the cracks. To the credit of NZXT’s customer support, after I reached out to them I received the riser within a few days.

New and old PCIe riser

New and old PCIe riser

In the photo above, you can see the new PCIe riser on the left and the old one on the right. The new riser clearly has less of a “Swiss cheese” appearance compared to the old one and should hopefully fix this issue for good. Fitting it was a little fiddly, but then again, everything inside this case is a little fiddly compared to a full size ATX case.

In general, I’m pretty happy with the case as it sits now and obviously feel safe using it again. But would I go buy another NZXT case? That’s a good question - I like the overall build quality of this particular case, which is the only NZXT case that I have any experience with. That said, the whole recall experience wasn’t great. As this was an official product recall, I don’t think it should’ve taken a total of seven months between the initial support ticket in late January and the end of the saga in early August. Yes, I know there’s a pandemic going on and there are shipping issues, but as Gamers Nexus demonstrated, we’re talking about a computer case that can catch fire so I had hoped for a little more urgency on the side of NZXT and also less need for my repeated outreach to them to finally get all the parts.

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