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Timo Geusch

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Right, if you and your RSS reader can read this, the first stage of the migration of my blog to a static site has successfully completed and you’re now reading the new site. There’s still some more tweaking to do, but I broke it up into multiple milestones to minimise the overall risk of the migration.

The next steps are mostly under the hood, where I clean up some of the oily bits and make sure things are running well and keep running that way. The main work remaining is migrating all content to a new web server, which is just one VM size bigger than the current one. The server is running FreeBSD and uses ZFS, and ZFS benefits a lot from having as much RAM available as I’m willing to pay for. Plus, I’m using this as an excuse to script up the (re-)creation of the server via Ansible so it at least moves from “pet” status to “livestock” status.

The next step after moving to the new web server is to find a decent analytics solution. I currently have GoAccess installed on the server and am testing out if that provides me with a “good enough” overview, or if I want more. I don’t really want to install something like Google Analytics - the whole point of running my own server is to have full control over all the data, so any solution I’ll use will be self hosted.

Other than that, I’m still tweaking the theme, but the remaining changes to reduce the size are going to be fairly invasive, so they’ll take a while. Plus I suspect I’ll have to make some additional tweaks as the static site is live and is seeing a tad more traffic.

I also expect that I may have to make some additional tweaks and/or reach out to people whose aggregators include the blog as I suspect I may not have been able to get all the RSS feeds quite right so they can pretend they’re the same ass the previous WordPress ones.

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