Quick hack/warning for those using an alternative command line processor like TCC and also use Xoreax’ Incredibuild for distributed builds. Incredibuild is awesome, by the way, and if you have a larger C++ project that takes a long time to build, you should use it. And no, I’m not getting paid or receive free stuff for writing that.

However, if you have to start your Visual Studio instance from the command line because you need to set some environment variables first, or because of your general awesomeness, make sure you’re starting it from a stock Windows shell. Either the standard Windows command line (cmd.exe) or PowerShell will do nicely, thank you. If you start VS from TCC and have a couple of build tasks that spawn out to the shell, Incredibuild wants to shell out into TCC to run these tasks and the shelled out task don’t seem to return control to Incredibuild again. Yes, I was too lazy to investigate further as the method described above works.

3 thoughts on “Make sure you’re using the right command processor when running Incredibuild”

  1. I work for IncrediBuild as the responsible for the professional and customer satisfaction team and Its always a great pleasure reading such a nice feedback about our product ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have looked into the TCC issue and it seems that we do have a limitation with it since, as you have mentioned, the shelled out task donโ€™t seem to return control to IncrediBuild.
    If this issue is bothering you (although you have a good workaround) please feel free contacting us regarding this issue so we will further investigate it.

    1. Yoni, thanks for your comment. I certain didn’t expect that :).

      This issue isn’t a big deal, the main reason for the blog post was to explain to other people how to work around the issue if they come across it if there even is someone else out there who uses both TCC and Incredibuild. If it was bothering me rather than a “makes sense to me” type issue, I would’ve contacted your support.

      1. Life are full with surprises ๐Ÿ™‚
        I am sure that your tip and workaround will be used by other people – thanks for that!

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