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Timo Geusch

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The demise of Google reader viewed from a slightly different perspective. I find the analysis from someone who isn’t a proto-geek but rather an investment professional ¬†interesting, mainly because there are insights that some like me - who doesn’t spend the whole day looking at companies and trying to figure out what they are doing as opposed to what they say they are doing - would and this case, have missed.

Obviously I’m also one of these dinosaurs who are Google Reader users and I’m also in the unhappy camp at the moment. With hindsight, it probably wasn’t too smart to put all eggs in one free basket, but part of the problem was that Google Reader is/was the 800 pound gorilla in the room and mostly squeezed out the competitors. I certainly have no objection to paying for this type of useful service but like a lot of other people the availability of decent clients for nearly all OSs I use was a major factor and for quite a while this has been a case of more-or-less Google Reader on nothing.

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