Yes, it’s one of those “note to self” posts, but I keep forgetting how to do it.

As the first step, you run dumpbin /EXPORTS and redirect the output into a file because the utility that unmangles the names (undname.exe) doesn’t appear to be able to take piped input via stdin. Then, run undname <filename>, with <filename> being the file that contains the exported symbols.

At least that way the symbols become mostly readable.

2 thoughts on “How to view undecorated DLL-exported C++ symbols in Visual Studio 2010”

  1. Strange, why don’t you just use the Dependency Viewer? (…Common7ToolsBinDepends.exe)

    (Though this seems to be missing in the express edition, so your post using only the command line tools is still useful for express edition users.)

    1. Dependency viewer is a great tool, but in this case I needed to feed the text output into another tool so something that just displays the function names wasn’t doing what I needed.

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