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The Lone C++ Coder's Blog

The continued diary of an experienced C++ programmer. Thoughts on C++ and other languages I play with, Emacs, functional, non functional and sometimes non-functioning programming.

Timo Geusch

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I am a software engineer and occasional development manager with over 25 years experience writing production code, mostly in C++. During that time I’ve worked on anything from Windows device drivers when people said you couldn’t write those in C++, to financial trading applications.

I have an interest in programming languages in general and am a firm believer that you cannot call yourself an experienced software engineer if you aren’t able to write good code in multiple programming languages. I also strongly believe that constant learning and honing the craft of software engineering is imperative if we ever want to get to the point where we as a profession can consistently deliver high quality software.

You can find me tweeting occasionally at @TGeusch and and I am also on LinkedIn and Google+.

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent the opinions of employers past, present and future.

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