I seem to be getting addicted to icicle-mode

By | January 15, 2014

Not that I’m doing much with it yet other than the more minibuffer completion, but I really notice when icicles is not installed or inactive, so I’ve ended up adding it to every Emacs installation I use. ELPA is coming in really handy as it’s a matter of just installing icicles via one of its repos rather than having to install it manually. I’m really going off manual installs of complex Emacs packages these days after doing it for so long.

One thing I really appreciate about icicles is that it subtly extends Emacs in such a way that you don’t notice its presence, but even after a couple of days I very much notice its absence. Of course its presence in the menus is much more obvious and pronounced, but I rarely use Emacs menus, preferring to drive it via the keyboard shortcuts. I’ll be experimenting with icicles a bit more because this mode has all the makings of a must have mode, at least for my setup.

And of course it’s another distraction from learning eshell. Oh well.

Anyway, check out icicles if you haven’t done so already.

One thought on “I seem to be getting addicted to icicle-mode

  1. kaz-yos

    Me too!

    I have been using it for a long time, but never really figured out how to configure it to my needs. I finally learned some emacs lisp, and did some customization to make fuzzy matching more accessible. It rocks now. I use helm for finding files, etc, but icicles is great in situations in which helm is not available.



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